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Are you looking for a nice location to brainstorm with your team outside the office walls or are you looking for a place for a nice workshop or teambuilding?


B&B De Woestijn offers you the perfect space for a workshop, meeting, coaching, etc. The interior is hip and trendy.

Natural colours and materials create a quiet atmosphere.

The nature around the guesthouse inspires and helps to create new ideas with a fresh mind.

For a small or somewhat larger group°,
with or without overnight stay,
with or without catering,
for a whole day, weekend, or just a few hours
There are so many possibilities.

All you have to do is leave everyday life behind and focus on your goal. Whether you come to relax, work or brainstorm… All facilities are within easy reach.

Feel free to contact me for a no-obligation quote "outside the box".

We offer tailor-made solutions.

° the interior space is ideal for teams of up to 10 to 15 people.  

If it only takes place outside or mainly outside, it is also suitable for more people.

B&B De Woestijn
Holiday home

Ilse Dewaelheyns
Woestijnstraat 4
B - 1760 Roosdaal
(not Gooik, because then you end up at the neighbours ;) )



+32 (0)476/40. 41.29

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