Coming home in the Pajottenland

Welcome to B&B and Holiday Home De Woestijn
In addition to a Bed & Breakfast, this is also a cozy, warm and comfortable holiday home for you, your family and friends.
The perfect excuse to take a break.
A special place to relax and enjoy the beauty of the Pajottenland.
Also a nice location for a business meeting or event.
The excellent location, peaceful surroundings and meeting facilities make our bed & breakfast holiday home also ideal for business tourism, workshops, etc.
We offer various packages at our B&B and holiday home De Woestijn.


You will be pampered here anyway!



3 beautiful rooms

holiday home

friends, family,... a place to be together


Beautiful location for a business appointment, an event, workshop or coaching ...


A special place to relax

Come relax, discover & experience a carefree holiday; active relaxation: walking, cycling, exploring nature; and occasionally looking for some refreshment in the pool?
Enjoy a stylish yet authentic environment on a sun-oriented or shaded terrace with endless views. Such a luxury !


A gift voucher for a stay, an arrangement

is always nice to give and even nicer to receive.

Feel free to contact us and we will take care of it.

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B&B De Woestijn

Ilse Dewaelheyns
Woestijnstraat 4
B - 1760 Roosdaal
(niet Gooik, want dan kom je bij de buren uit ;) )



+32 (0)476/40. 41.29