In Roosdaal, the walking nodes network   of the Pajottenland in our municipality is superbly signposted and this runs   across the desert.

At the B&B you have junction 814.

Of course you will find the walking map with information about 620 km of walking pleasure in the Pajottenland .

Below you will find some suggestions:

You walk past charming villages and among the wild yeasts through the land of lambic beer and Breugel. Take in these beautiful landscapes along the nodes of the Pajottenland walking network or along a thematic walking loop in the Zenne valley or the part of the Dender region in Flemish Brabant.

The hiking province: Pajottenland and Zennevallei

Overview of all walking routes in the Pajottenland

The walking network in the Pajottenland


in Dilbeek

in Gaasbeek

in Gooik

in Heikruis

in Sint Pieters Leeuw

in Vollezele

in Galmaarden

in Alsemberg

in Bever

In addition, there is also a part of the cycling network and the mountain bike track dat  runs right through De Woestijn. At the B&B you have junction 89.

Do you bring your own bike? no problem, he will get a sheltered and safe place for the night with us.

Don't have a bicycle yourself and wish to rent one? Which can !


We have electric bicycles for rent. Ask for it.

We also work together with Bicycle Rental De Spaak.  

On request, the bicycles can be brought to the B&B (at an extra cost).

Also have a look at the packages, there is also a cycling package.

Some suggestions of cycling routes in the Pajottenland with the direct link:

Overview of all cycling routes in the Pajottenland

Flanders Cycling Country website   (45.9km)

Pajotse Panorama Route (38km)

Nice places such as Ninove, Halle, Lennik, Gooik, Geraardsbergen, Aalst, Brakel, Enghien are all within a radius of 25 kilometers. 


in collaboration with Pajot-Experience (Gooik)   

NEW !!! THE OUTSIDER  : Adventure park for young and old (Aalst) and for those who love action!

For bookings, go directly to

or for a unique experience on the water.

 !!! ask  me for a special code first so that you get a 10% discount when booking your desired activity online!

HOODED TOURS WITH DIRK (Dilbeek (Solleveld))

Would you like to experience the Pajottenland & Zennevallei region? Then   is the ideal tool for that. The app offers you the possibility to search for interesting locations and experiences in your immediate vicinity. 

The regional experience site is like a 'Google Maps for regional experience' and the site shows you the way to nature or paradise spots, catering, heritage and tourism in your area.


The car route, which was developed by Tourism Pajottenland & Zennevallei in close collaboration with the regional guides Pajottenland & Zennevallei, starts and ends at Gaasbeek castle. A 65 km long tour then leads you past some beautiful places and tourist attractions in the region that are unfortunately still unknown to many people. Groups of friends, colleagues, associations and families can also make this fascinating voyage of discovery accompanied by a regional guide.

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