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Roosdaal is super signposted by it Hiking junction network  from the Pajottenland in our municipality and this runs straight through De Woestijn.

At the B&B holiday home you start at junction 814.

You walk past charming villages and between wild yeasts through the land of lambic beer and Breugel. Take in these beautiful landscapes along the junctions of the Pajottenland walking network or along a thematic route walking loop in the Zenne Valley or the part of the Dender region in Flemish Brabant.

Of course you will find the walking map with information about it 620km of walking pleasure in the Pajottenland (€6.00)


This walking map shows all routes and junction numbers. So you can plan your walk yourself and determine the distance using the kilometer indications on the map.

In total, this concerns 620 kilometers of slow roads, 40% of which are unpaved. They cover the municipalities of Bever, Galmaarden, Gooik, Halle, Herne, Lennik, Pepingen, Roosdaal and Sint-Pieters-Leeuw. The loops are on average 3 to 5 km long.


Below you will find some suggestions:

The walking province: Pajottenland and Zenne Valley

Overview of all walking routes in the Pajottenland

The walking network in the Pajottenland

Experience - Regional Landscape Pajottenland & Zenne (


near De Woestijn

  • windmill walk 

  • Woestijn walk

  • five-hamlet walk

  • dikvanpamel walking path

in Dilbeek

  • Bruegel walk

in Gaasbeek

  • Castle walk 

In Gooik

  • Kesterheidlombergveld walk

in Heikruis

  • Terrijst walk

in Sint Pieters Leeuw

  • Forest field walk

in Vollezele

  • Walgraeve walk

in Galmaarden

  • Peacock walk

in Alsemberg

  • Herisem walk

in Bever

  • Chapel walk


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