Experience the Pajottenland

Budding spring flowers, white blossoms of the orchards, sweltering heat above the hay grasses, winter ice landscapes turn the slopes of the hiking province of Flemish Brabant into the most beautiful paintings in every season. It's the perfect time to get vitamins and oxygen all year round  can be gained by taking a brisk walk or strenuous bike ride before you explore the cosiness of the B&B/holiday home or the terraces in the region.  

Look for nice places in our region. Whether it's walking or cycling, a culinary or artistic tour de force, or a modest memory of dark days; Pajottenland has plenty of assets to wow you with. 
We would like to invite you to discover this unique paradise piece of nature:
picturesque and imposing castles, surprising museums or authentic windmills...

You will also find plenty of breweries and gueuze distilleries, beautiful square farms with artisanal regional producers.

Action and relaxation, there is something for everyone...

The name Desert?

Strange name at first sight, but it actually isn't: it is a derivative of 'wastine', a wasteland, undeveloped area in the early Middle Ages and perhaps overgrown with grasses, heaths, shrubs and trees. Shepherds tend their flocks during the day. Until a few centuries ago there were such vast wastines everywhere in Flanders and Brabant.

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To walk

You walk through charming villages and wild yeasts through the land of lambic beer, farm horses and Breugel. Take in these beautiful landscapes along the nodes of the Pajottenland hiking network.


Cycling in the Pajottenland, often tough, but always fun!

Take in these beautiful landscapes along the nodes of the Pajottenland cycling network.

Family Bike Trip

Beer, Bruegel,
  farm horses and so much more culture...

Be surprised by the numerous sights from the exciting past. Be welcome in the beer breweries and Gueuze blowers. Discover the authenticity of the region and find the true identity of the Pajot.

Resto & Bistro

Land of milk and honey, for sure. with fantastic gastronomy something for everyone.


When it rains...

No worries, there is always something to do!

In a flash 

The Denderstreek and the Flemish Ardennes

B&B De Woestijn
Holiday home

Ilse Dewaelheyns
Woestijnstraat 4
B - 1760 Roosdaal
(not Gooik, because then you end up at the neighbours ;) )



+32 (0)476/40. 41.29

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