't PAJOTTENLAND is known for its culinary high-quality cuisine, Burgundians, gourmets, Bruegel buffets lovers, ...


We have therefore collected a nice list.

Below you will find our suggestions, up to you to make a choice.

The temporary closure of restaurants and cafes from 19/10/2020 means that you can of course not enjoy on-site, but you can now also eat dishes that have been collected or delivered in the B&B. We take care of the dishes, glasses, cutlery, use of the kitchen for heating. You can certainly also get a drink.


Coffee chat

Bar Sajet - 7km

Ninove, biezenstraat 11

Cozy coffee bar and knitting shop at the same time

Coffee shop Victor - take-away

Roosdaal, gasthuisstraat 37

shop, coffee shop, take-away breakfast and delicatessen


Bistro & Restaurant

Below are some of our suggestions:

Due to Covid-19 closure of the Horeca, I have indicated where you can pick up your dishes (take-away)


In Lennik (6.5km)

  • Ferment: beer, wine relaksfood - take-away

  • Sir Kwinten (1 star!) - take-away

  • August Wine bar - take-away

  • Klavervier - take away

  • Café In the insurance (against the big thirst) (7.7km)

Frans Baetensstraat 45 in 1750 Lennik


In Gooik (5km)

  • Gastro Boutique and Atelier - take-away

  • Popelier, Meat & Wine

  • Volkscafé De Cam (Brasserie-resto) - take-away

  • Eetcafe Baar 28 - take-away

  • Brasserie D'hoeft (resto) - take-away


  • Café Den Haas (650m)

only open on Sat, Sun and Monday

near De Woestijn, beautiful location in the middle of the fields, beautiful terrace and great range of regional beers, etc., spagetti on Saturdays, in addition to tasty sandwiches with ham, cheese, cup ...


In Roosdaal (3km)

  • De Wingerd (Pamel) (1.4km) - take-away

Pamel, Poelkveldstraat 60

Delicious dining, nearby. Very tasty and classy resto .

  • the Brabant Ardennes (OLV Lombeek) - take-away

@David_David (FB)

  • La Romantica (Italian)

@RistoLaromantica (FB)

  • Pajot Begot (Strijtem, coach house)


in Ninove (7km)

  • Restaurant Den Nieuwen Hommel -   take away

church square in Ninove

tasty dishes, cozy and super service

  • Eat and talk cafe D'Afannings (Denderwindeke)

cozy and delicious, beautiful terrace

  • Casa Buscemi -   take away

Sicilian cuisine, very tasty

  • Restaurant Malt -   take away

grain market 45 in Ninove



If you have a fantastic business in the area and you are not on the list, you can always contact us!



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