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't PAJOTTENLAND is known for its culinary high-quality cuisine, Burgundians, gourmets, Bruegel buffet lovers, ...

We have collected a nice list of bistros, cafes, restaurants, etc.

Below you will find our suggestions, it is up to you to make a choice.

Remember to make a reservation in time. 

The kitchen of the B&B will only be used to a limited extent.


Coffee chat

•  Bar Sajet –7km 

Ninove, Biezenstraat 11

Cozy coffee bar and knitting shop at the same time

• Coffee bar Victor 

Roosdaal, gasthuisstraat 37

shop, coffee bar, take-away breakfast and delicacies, tapas, lunch, aperitif...

nice and fresh, super friendly service: the place to be!

Bistro & Restaurant

Below you will find some of our suggestions:

Be sure to check the websites yourself and book in time! 

In Lennik​(6.5km)

  • Ferment :  beer, wine relaksfood

  • Sir Kwinten (1 star!)

  • August

  • Klavervier  -

  • Café In insurance (against the great thirst) (7.7km)

Frans Baetensstraat 45 in 1750 Lennik

  • In de voet van Keizer Karel (Wambeek)(Lennik border)

In Gooik​(5km)

  • Popelier, Meat & Wine -

  • Volkscafé De Cam (Brasserie-resto) -

  • Baar28 (Eetpub)

  • Gastro Boutique and Atelier: boutique and atelier

  • Café Den Haas (650m)

only open on Saturday, Sunday and Monday

near De Woestijn, beautiful location in the middle of the fields, beautiful terrace and great range of regional beers, etc., spaghetti on Saturdays, in addition to tasty sandwiches with ham, cheese, cup...

  • The temptation

Gastronomic enjoyment in the Pajottenland

In Roosdaal(3km)

  • De Wingerd (Pamel)(1.4km) - 

Pamel, Poelkveldstraat 60

Delicious dining, nearby. Very tasty and classy restaurant.

  • NEW: Cecile

Delicious dishes, open kitchen, young super team! Recommended!


  • La Romantica (Italian)

@RistoLaromantica (FB)

  • Bar Dio (OLV Lombeek)

cozy bar with terrace

in Ninove(7km)

  • Eating and talking cafe D'Afspanning (Denderwindeke)

cozy and tasty, beautiful terrace

  • Casa Buscemi  -

Sicilian cuisine, very tasty

  • Pizza Pizza - 


heavenly delicious, freshly baked pizza ​in the wood oven

  • Restaurantant Malt -

grain market 45 

  • Sara's cafe


veterans square 1 

If you have a fantastic business in the area and it is not on the list, you can always contact us!

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