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't PAJOTTENLAND is known for its culinary high-quality cuisine, Burgundians, gourmets, Bruegel buffet lovers, ...

We have therefore collected a nice list of bistros, cafes, restaurants, etc.

Below you will find our suggestions, it is up to you to make a choice.

Remember to book in time.  

The kitchen of the B&B will only be used to a limited extent.


coffee chat

†  Bar Sajet  7km  †  

Ninove, Biezenstraat 11

Cozy coffee bar and knitting shop at the same time

Coffee bar Victor  

Roosdaal, Gasthuisstraat 37

shop, coffee bar, take-away breakfast and delicatessen, tapas, lunch, apero...

nice and fresh, super friendly service: the place to be!


Bistro & Restaurant

Below are some of our suggestions:

Take-away is sometimes still possible to a limited extent, but is gradually being phased out almost everywhere. Check this yourself on the websites to be sure.

in Lennik(6,5km)

  • Ferment :  beer, wine relaksfood

  • Sir Kwinten (1 star!)

  • August

  • four-leaf clover  †

  • Café In the insurance (against the great thirst) (7.7km)

Frans Baetensstraat 45 in 1750 Lennik

in Gooik(5km)

  • Popelier, Meat & Wine -

  • Volkscafé De Cam (brasserie resto) -

  • Baar28 (Restaurant)

  • Gastro Boutique and Atelier  : boutique and studio

  • Café Den Haas (650m)

only open on Saturday, Sunday and Monday

near De Woestijn, beautiful location in the middle of the fields, beautiful terrace and a great range of regional beers, etc., spaghetti on Saturday, in addition to tasty sandwiches with ham, cheese, cup ...

  • The temptation

Gastronomic enjoyment in the Pajottenland

In Roosdaal (3km)

  • De Wingerd (Pamel) (1,4km) -  

Pamel, 60 Polkveldstraat

Delicious dining, nearby. Very tasty and class resto .

  • the Brabant Ardennes (OLV Lombeek)  †  

@DeBrabantseArdennes (FB)

  • La Romantica (Italian)

@RistoLaromantica (FB)


in Ninove (7km)


  • Eating and talking coffee D'Afspanning (Denderwindeke)

cozy and delicious, beautiful terrace

  • Casa Buscemic   †

Sicilian cuisine, very tasteful

  • Pizza Pizza  †

heavenly tasty, freshly baked pizzain the wood oven

  • Restaurant Malto  †

grain market 45  

If you have a fantastic business in the area and you are not listed here, you can always contact us!

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