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It will be a spring to savour!

In the spring, new arrangements or collaborations with local partners are again being considered. This year, together with many others, we are even more convinced of that local story and we are working on a new real collaboration with passionate entrepreneurs from the Pajottenland, also known as the Ambassadors.

I myself am one of them, eager to help write that story and to use my network to show guests the way to local winegrowers, cheese and apple farmers, lambic and other beer brewers, gueuze makers, jam makers and elder growers, beekeepers, but also authentic cafés and wonderful restaurants where you can taste the passion. We have developed cycling routes so that you can get to know the local producers.

Vespas and bikes, we can take care of that. With a cycling map or GPS route.

Be sure to bring your walking shoes... because your feet will take you everywhere...

It is wonderful walking and cycling here.


Psst. The spring holiday also still has a few days left (02-06/03/22).

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