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Pajottenland bicycle - arrangement - in collaboration with Ambassadors of the Pajottenland

Stay  with a minimum of 2 nights in the B&B


see the rental and booking conditions

This includes :

The package of 350 euros for 2 persons in B&B contains the following

  • tasteful Pajots welcome drink and aperitif snackson arrival 

  • 2 nights in double room (B&B)

  • 2 x breakfast of tasty local products

  • rent of 2 electric cycling (2 days)

  • beautiful pre-programmed routes of your choice

  • only valid if B&B, ngl beschiccups

  • 3rd night possible ngl availability (+ €100.00)

+extra optionsin collaboration with VZWAmbassadors of the Pajottenland, network of proud entrepreneurs from Pajot 

  • Rent bikes in collaboration with Cycling De Spaak

  • great collaborations with Groesting  (for culinary walks, etc.),met Carmello (picnic, regional package),  Volkscafé De Cam, Café Terlindenhof, Streekshop KNC, Wijndomein Stuyvenberg, Brouwerij Angerik, Brouwerij 4Pajot, and many other regional producers 

  • possibility to bring 1 nicely filled picnic box for 2 people.

  • walking/cycling maps of the region available

incompatible with other promotions or discounts.

B&B The Desert
Holiday home

Ilse Dewaelheyns
Woestijnstraat 4

(not Gooik, because then you end up with the neighbors ;) )



+32 (0)476/40. 41.29

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